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Medical Society. He completed his specialty training and served in the United States Army Medical Corps in Germany for four years before beginning private practice in northern California. During his thirty plus years of practice Dr. Carter chaired and served on various boards and committees. He also served as an examiner for the state of California for medical competency. His research involves communication with international Scientists, practitioners and Researchers of natural medicine. New products are frequently being introduced into the market place to attract the public interest. Dr. Carter’s focus will always be geared toward the GMP, GRAS and USP labeled products so as to best advise audiences. In March 2004 Dr. Carter published a booklet on Bio-Identical hormones for doctors and other providers to use in their offices to assist patients with various health concerns. In February 2016 Dr. Carter published his second medical booklet, “The Universality of Good Health” for the general public; this booklet is available on Dr. Carter is available for Lectures, Seminars and Workshops as his schedule permits. He continues to research Natural Supplements in the evolving paradigm shift from prescription medicine to Metabolic/Functional plant based medicine. The whole patient must always be considered and both allopathic and complimentary alternative medicine used appropriately.

Elijah Carter, D.V.M., M.D., F.A.C.O.G. (Biographical Sketch)

Dr Carter is a board certified Veterinarian, a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Author and Lecturer, Intuitive Thinker, Thought Provoker and Truth Seeker. Dr. Carter is the Inventor of the CARTER TUBAL ASSISTANT INSTRUMENT for POST PARTUM TUBAL LIGATION; marketed by COOPER SURGICAL COMPANY from 1996 to March 2008 Dr. Carter graduated from Meharry Medical College with honors and was inducted into the National Honor 

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